The map to the right shows you the full layout of the camp, and you can see the cabins identified by number near the bottom, close to the lake.


The map at right is accurate as of May 2016, but the staffers at Camp are never satisfied and continually tear down old cabins and build new ones. As a result, actual cabin NUMBERS may change between when you reserve your bunk and when you show up at camp.

We'll go through and match actual cabins with any updated cabin numbers, but if you, like the good people of "Cabin 14," want to make your own T-shirts to wear to camp, please check in and ask if there have been any updates before printing a number on your shirt!


Check out the gallery below for photos of select cabins, along with a total available bunk count.

When you purchase a registration, you can purchase based on the cabin number that you want to stay in. If you purchase one registration in a particular cabin, you'll reserve one bunk.

If you have a group of friends and would all like to stay in one cabin together, make sure you communicate and have everyone purchase a registration for that cabin.

These photos will not be updated as tickets sell, so check the registration page to see if there are still bunks available in your preferred cabin.


The most confusing thing about these cabins is that there's one mega cabin on the right side of the map that has the name "7-11," kinda like the convenience store. This cabin does not sell beer, nor cigarettes, nor anything else. It is in fact just a big cabin.

There are also separate cabins that are numbered 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, so the "7-11" cabin isn't a combination of all of them. It's just a weird name for a cabin, because summer camps can do that kind of thing.