There are more than 30 cabins at Camp BrewHaha, and each comfortably sleeps 10 or more adults in classic camp bunk style. There are cabins positioned over the water, cabins that can be accessed via climbing nets and exited by twisty slide, cabins on stilts, and more!

Your registration to the event includes a cabin assignment, and while we expect that a lot of us are going to make new friends over the course of the weekend, we know that a lot of us would also love to stay in a cabin with some of the friends we're bringing with us to camp.

Because of that, when you register to attend Camp BrewHaha you can also select your cabin. If you want to be SURE that you and your friends are the only people in a particular cabin, you'll want to purchase 10 registrations at once and have the rest of the group pay you back later. Or you can tell everyone in your group which cabin you've purchased your tickets for, and have as many of them join you in that cabin until bunks sell out.

Note that while traditional summer camps are segregated by gender, we will not be assigning specific Boys cabins or Girls cabins, so pack and dress appropriately. There are separated bathrooms and showers all over the camp, and there is room to change in them, so we figured that now that we're adults we shouldn't HAVE to sneak out of our cabins just to see that special someone. Plus, we've seen SLEEPAWAY CAMP so we know... nah, we won't spoil that ending for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Check out the Camp BrewHaha map here to help you choose your perfect cabin, and keep in mind that cabins closer to the night time party areas will of course hear more volume from screenings and parties, while cabins further away will be quieter and maybe, just maybe... too quiet? Because anything can happen at camp...